There’s a reason why breast implants are a multi-billion dollar industry globally. It is evidence of the surgery’s popularity and effectiveness. Increasing levels of surgical precision, safety, as well as great results has also contributed to the demand for the surgery, and studies have shown that recipients of the procedure have largely been satisfied. Today, breast augmentation is not something considered a taboo, but a pretty common surgery to enhance beauty.

While there are so-called substitutes in the market, they have not been able to replace the effectiveness of breast augmentation with surgery. Let’s examine the alternatives, and why they fail.



This is often the first thing women who are not well endowed attempt. However, padding, either with literally stuffing the bra with cotton, or wearing bras that are padded, is only effective until a woman experiences intimacy with a significant other. Additionally, some dresses do not permit padding of any kind. It also can’t be worn when swimming or doing outdoors activities where a sports bra is necessity. Once it is revealed that a woman is wearing padding, it is often embarrassing for her.


There is only so much that an exercise regime can do. It can remove a lot of belly fat and upper arm fat so that the breasts are much more ‘perky’. In fact, working out is often advised to women after they get implants so that they have a visible contrast between the bust area and the stomach.

However, as any surgeon will tell you, there is only so much that an exercise regime can do. For example, surgery is essential in correcting saggy breasts that have been changed from years of breastfeeding. It is also a necessity in tuberous breasts, as well as women who have small breasts to begin with. Since breasts are fat tissue, a woman cannot work out to grow a bigger pair of breasts. In fact, it can it be seen among most athletes who have a lean body that they have pretty lean breasts.

Alternate remedies

As you probably know, most “alternative remedies” usually don’t work. All sorts of buzz words, including claims of “herbal medicine” are used to sell them. But they aren’t actually effective. And, as a good medical practitioner will tell you, there’s only so much that can be achieved via Natural Breast Implants.

Creams and medicines

A lot of over the counter creams are sold in the market often claim to increase bust size within days or months.  But once you read the components in these, you’ll wonder if they actually work. Most of these creams often claim to contain estrogen and collagens, which can supposedly travel through your skin to enhance your breasts. But the body does not work like that, and it is possible that these creams are bad for you. A lot of these creams cost hundreds of dollars – aren’t you better off investing in surgery by experts which you know to be effective? Find out all the details at:

Clearly, it is more advisable to consult with a well-known surgeon for all your breast augmentation needs as seen at

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