As good as Mirena is, quite a few women tend to have it removed because they want to become pregnant or can’t stand the side effects any longer. Though the actual removal process is fairly simple, provided there weren’t any complications with it after insertion or during the removal process, what happens after removal is a different story. Non hormonal IUDs don’t leave any major side effects, while menstrual cycles and fertility levels normalize in a few months after removal. On the other hand, in the case of hormonal IUDs like Mirena, that might take longer.

Bleeding After Mirena Removal

In most cases, the first period usually occurs within six weeks of IUD removal with the menstrual cycle returning to normal patterns shortly after that. However, in some cases, women have reported severe bleeding after Mirena removal. That is primarily because the body is trying to return to its normal hormonal balance which was upset by the IUD as part of its contraceptive activities. That hormonal imbalance also results in depression and moodiness after removal as well, which may last for up to a few weeks. However, in some cases where women have reported a cessation in their periods while they were using an IUD, it can take several months for menstrual cycles and fertility to return to normal because of the severe hormonal imbalance. In most cases though, women experience irregular cycles and bleeding after Mirena removal for just a few months. Similarly, some women have reported pregnancy right after the removal of Mirena. However, in some cases it took several months because of the level of hormonal imbalance.

Weight Gain

Another major side effect reported by women, weight gain after Mirena removal, is also due to hormonal imbalances. As soon as the body reverts back to its normal balance and functions, irregular weight gain stops and can easily be managed with regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet. However, this weight gain after Mirena can affect the chances of pregnancy, so it is recommended to stay as close to a healthy BMI as possible.

Other Side Effects

Aside from these, some women have reported severe anxiety and depression which can be very debilitating till the body reverts back to more normal functions. However, in most cases, this anxiety goes away within a week or two. These can also easily be countered with some simple over the counter medication but only after consulting your doctor.

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