There are many reasons why people may decide to mix their own e liquids. Some just take pleasure in the creativity behind mixing their own e liquids, whereas others do it because it is more cost effective. Being cost affective is a big issue now especially with a drip fed atomiser which can guzzle through 10ml of liquid a day for a lot of users  and can be up to £18 a bottle. This would make something that was a cheap alternative to smoking a very expensive habit. But by buying the ingredients separately and mixing you own liquids you can make a bottle of liquid (10ml) for a fraction of the price.

The first liquid you will need will act as the base for the mixture as it will have the ability to be easily vaporised. The most commonly used and easily purchased liquids for this task are propylene glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG).

PG is a much thinner liquid and therefore hold and enhances the chosen flavours but it can also be a little harsh on the back of the throat. PG can be brought from many online stores for as little a £5.50 a litre. You can get it cheaper if you buy in bulk.

VG is a much thicker liquid and does not hold or enhance the flavour as well a PG, however it is sometimes favoured for a smoother smoke and also gives of a thicker plume of smoke. VG can also be brought from many online stores for a little as £5.00 a litre with it getting cheaper the more you buy also.

Many people will use a mixture of PG and VG to get their preferred flavour and smoke plume.

The second part of the mixture to be added is the flavouring which can be purchased from many e liquid stores, we prefer the ones at Grey Haze, in an endless variety of flavours. Flavours can also be mixed to make a more unique flavour. Flavours can be brought for as little as £3.00 for 10ml with it getting cheaper for purchasing it in bulk.

The final liquid to be added to the mixture will contain the nicotine and as it is not possible to purchase pure nicotine it will come as a percentage mixed with either the PG or VG. A bottle containing 54mg of nicotine will cost around £20 and once more will become a lot cheaper if it is brought in bulk. When mixing your own liquids it is always a good idea to add the nicotine last as it is very hazardous to you health if it comes into contact with your skin. For this reason it is best to mix in last to minimize the risk of knocking the content of the bottle over yourself.

There are many recipes online that will help you mix you’re your e liquids to suit your taste for flavour, smoke plume and throaty affect whilst settling your need for nicotine too. Find your cheap e liquid making kit at Grey Haze today.

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