Emu oil is something derived from a bird that resembles to ostrich. So the oil is derived from the fat of the flightless bird. It is generally used to cure and very prominently used as a medicine. It is collected from adipose tissue. Adipose tissue is found in the species of emu, a bird. They can be commonly found in Australia. Emu oil is very good for medical purposes. They come creamy texture and can vary widely in colors. These colors and the texture really depend upon the diet of the bird and the method used for refining the oil. It is made up of the fatty acid and linoleic acid.  It has substances that work as a miracle in various cases like emu oil eczema.

How does it help the skin from drying?

Emu oil is very natural to use. When they are derived and further refined, they are so matching to the upper skin layer of human skin, that the skin readily accepts it. The top part of human skin is made up of fatty compound. The emu oil is also a fatty compound and are similar to the Lipic mimid. The Lipic mimid is on the top layer of our skin. This helps a lot from getting the skin dry. Also, this oil is very easily absorbed by the skin, so it works very naturally. It is better than the other kind of creams and oils used. These oils and the creams are synthetic so they have a harsh effect on the skin. This emu oil is purely triglyceride, these lipids are really helpful in curing the skin and giving the natural tone. Studies have proved that the emu oil has substances that is inflammatory in nature, so they can help in curing the pain and swelling. They have a real soothing and remarkable effect on the swollen parts when applied for around 12 hours.

They are very beneficial in curing and are good for many problems. People around the world have been using this stuff, after the Australians discovered. They were considered very prominent in curing and keeping the skin glowing, but only after research and studies people from all parts of the world have been demanding it. The demand of the emu oil and uses have increased manifold in past years. It is considered as a major antioxidant, which is helpful in keeping the skin in shape and in condition.

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