Hair removal seemed a very big process for women before the invention of laser techniques to remove unwanted hair. Today, it is the best in cosmetic treatments around the world to encounter such problems. During the initial stages of its invention there were many myths and misunderstanding surrounding certain side effects that existed. As technology improved so did the use of it in Etobicoke laser clinics over the years! This article is an effort to compare the old treatment methods with the latest in order to show the reader that the laser treatments of the current age are completely safe and wonderfully result oriented.

The early laser treatment methods

The primary treatment methods aimed at only one thing i.e. to remove the hair from places where the patient did not want them. The equipment was not sophisticated and did not have total control of the wavelengths sent to the target region. As a result there were many drawbacks in the treatment. According to an experienced laser clinic Etobicoke, the earlier treatment methods are designed to treat white skinned people. But, they have used it for all skin types leading to side effects and controversies surrounding the approval of the treatment.

In addition, the costs of the laser treatments were sky high because only few clinics in developed nations offered the services. The laser hair removal services in Etobicoke could only be afforded by those who had a lot of money in their wallet. It is well known that some would fly to other countries just to have laser treatments showing the rarity and the juvenile nature of the treatment. Further, the lasers used in the methods were raw and not controlled properly. Their exposure to the skin caused problems like irritation, inflammation, etc. These side effects kept people from visiting laser clinics until recently when all these problems are taken care of.

The upgraded laser treatment

Today the world is enjoying the benefits of artificial intelligence and sophisticated software that can help in perfecting any cosmetic treatment. All the problems mentioned above have disappeared in the past decade and laser hair removal services in Etobicoke has become a gentle process taking less time and proving more advantageous than other treatment method.

The equipment developed these days are not colour blind and can detect the difference between a hair follicle and skin for any skin type. This means that laser treatment has become available for everyone and is not an exclusive method for fair skinned people. The technology has become sophisticated but the availability has increased immensely. One could find Etobicoke laser clinics almost everywhere. There is no need to travel more than a few blocks to get treated.  It is observed that there are other benefits to laser treatment such as skin cleansing, skin tightening and skin whitening. After the completion of the treatment, which would take ten minutes time for four or five sessions the skin would feel rejuvenated. If you have any doubts regarding the treatment find us through our Yelp profile or message us through Google+.