If you have seen runway shows with male models on it, you will find that it can get a bit tricky. Unlike the usual hip-swaying, slinky catwalks that many of the top female models are known to do, there is just no way that a male model is going to do the same thing on the runway. Still, one does not just walk down the ramp like he would if he was casually strutting down the street. A mix of confidence, commanding presence, and elegance are just a few of the things that a male model is going to need to make that perfect runway walk.

Meet the physical requirements

Walking the runway means making sure first that you meet the physical requirements. While the exact measurements can vary from one designer to the next, in general, male models are expected to be around 6’ to 6’2’’ tall. Chest measurements should be around 38’’ to 40’’ and the waist measurements should at least be between 30’’ to 32’’. Having good muscle definition and looking healthy and lean are also necessary. An ideal male runway model should have long lean lines. Guys that are way too beefy might have a hard time fitting into the clothes.

Learn the walk

There is some difference to the way male runway models are supposed to walk compared to their female counterparts. Male models should walk while making sure that their feet are apart. Instead of the tightrope walk that female models are expected to do, male models should walk on a line while keeping the feet at a close, natural distance from each other.

Walking the runway means looking straight ahead and not looking down. The strides need to be long and steady. The arms should be allowed to naturally swing in the side and the mouth should be natural too. Good posture is always a huge plus in order to perfect this walk. Also, make sure to walk with confidence.

Get some exposure

It can be a biota tough to break into the modelling industry, especially for male runway models. The opportunities may not be as many when compared to what’s available for women. This is the reason why exposing yourself to as many modelling agencies as possible will help.

Make sure to create a good portfolio and submit your photos to legitimate modelling agencies that may be able to sign you in and help keep work steadily flowing. Do your research and know how to come up with the right photo compilation so it is going to be easier for you to convince casting directors and designers to sign you up in their future runway shows.

There’s a lot of hard work involved in becoming a professional male runway model and finding the right model agency. Learn more tips on how to be successful in the industry by reading about Model’s Direct online.