Using a baby bottle warmer is in no ways difficult at all. All you have to do is follow the directions carefully in order to heat your baby’s milk and food at a faster level and at optimum temperature. First, you have to pour water in it to a certain level and then immerse the bottle in it. After this, you have to plug in the bottle warmer. It will start doing the job and switch off automatically (if it has the feature). However, to use a bottle warmer in a more efficient manner and make it last for a longer period of time, here are a few tips for you.


Make sure it is switched off when not in use:

Safety of you and your baby comes first. If you have a bottle warmer for baby that switches off automatically after it has warmed the bottle. However, in the case that it works with a timer or that you have to switch it off in order to stop it from functioning altogether, you must make sure that you are doing so and even plugging it out. This is to prevent any shortcut from happening.

Clean it on a regular basis:

The main reason that you have purchased a baby warmer in the first place must be that you are worried about your child’s hygiene. A bottle warmer sure does ensure perfect hygienic conditions but this does not mean that you do not clean the warmer itself. Cleaning each equipment frequently and properly will ensure that you can use the warmer for a longer period of time and as efficiently as it worked the first time. If you see this as a hassle, better purchase a bottle warmer that comprises fewer units because then you will have to spend less time washing it all.

Avoid straining it:

Having to prepare pots and pans just to warm the baby’s milk and food only to realize that it has been heated a bit too much or so unevenly that it resulted in the occurrence of hot spots on the baby’s bottle. This is a time-consuming task and a pretty irritating one too if you have to get up every few hours during night time to warm the baby’s milk. A bottle warmer may help a great deal here but if you want it to retain its efficiency for a longer period of time, do not strain it.