Couple of years ago I decided to “upgrade” my eyelashes with lash extensions done in a professional studio. I was aware of all the risks that came with the treatment and yet I was eager to improve the length and thickness of my eyelashes and give my eyes that longed for, dramatic look. I was tired of using tons of makeup and mascara in order to not look like a washed up mouse. The process of getting my eyelashes was long (almost 3 hours) and pretty uncomfortable but I thought that after I’m done I will live happily ever after with my long, pretty eyelashes. After the treatment my eyes were red and my eyelids were slightly swollen but the cosmetician assured me that that is perfectly normal and the redness and irritation should go away within 2-3 days. Unlucky for me, on day 3 my eyes looked worse than right after the treatment. They were red, swollen, itchy and teary. I knew something was wrong so I contacted the ophthalmologist and went in for an examination and the diagnosis was: bacterial infection. I regretted every second and penny that I spent on getting the eyelashes of my dreams (which turned out to be a total nightmare). The doctor advised me to remove the lash extensions immediately and prescribed antibiotics and eye drops that I had to use 5 times a day (hello nightmare pt.II). I was devastated and so disappointed and I promised myself to never ever risk my eyesight in the name of beauty. After 2 long weeks my eyes god better but I lost almost all of my natural eyelashes in the process. I wanted my natural eyelashes back and I knew I had to do something about that because we all know how hard it is to grow your eyelashes (and even eyebrows) back.

I had plenty of time to do a proper research on natural eyelash enhancers and I found a couple of products that had nice reviews from girls that went through the same process as me or just wanted to enhance their natural eyelashes without any risks. I decided to order Lash Rejuv’s free trial serum from TryFree.Club. I was a bit scared to treat my eyelashes with anything but plain water but I had to give it a try. Lash Rejuv is an eyelash (and eyebrow) serum that contains only natural ingredients such as: Fish Oil, Biotin and Soy Extract. I started using this product after I healed my bacterial infection and noticed the first results within just 3 weeks of using the serum on a daily basis. I grew my eyelashes back and they were even better than before; longer, thicker and fuller. I ditched the mascara altogether and the only thing that I now apply is LashRejuv. I am so happy that I found this amazing all natural product packed with ingredients that boost new hair growth, improve the thickness and lengthen your lashes sky high. I read somewhere that you can also use it on your eyebrows so I gave it a go. As we know thick, full brows are trendy now and I had nothing to lose. In case you are interested, you can get the Free Trial offer on Lash Rejuv here

I am so happy about the fact that now I have amazingly long and thick eyelashes and fuller, better shaped eyebrows. I use less makeup; I just apply foundation with little blush and I’m good to go. If you want to have dramatic eyelashes and use less makeup, this is the go-to product. You will look amazing with little or no makeup and you won’t risk your eyesight by using fake eyelashes or extensions. I don’t recommend using eyelash extensions because my experience with that was just disastrous but if you want to give it a go, be prepared for the downside. I know a lot of girls that have extensions but all of them agree on one thing; once you start using eyelash extensions, you have to keep re-doing them and come to terms with the fact that you are going to lose your natural ones in the process. I know that we all want to have long, thick and strong eyelashes but there are so many natural products that can help you achieve that and nourish your natural hair follicles with some awesome ingredients that cause no harmful side effects that trust me, you don’t need to risk your eye health for beauty.