This Famous painter of Canada was born in the year of 1905. His birth place was the city of Saint Hillaire, of Quebec. He died in the year of 1960, in Paris. is lighting to his life’s important phases and on his art works. Paul-Emile Borduas painting earned much name and fame. He achieved his fame not only during his life time but also after his death. Even his art work’s popularity is increasing day by day.

He is famous for his abstract painting. Borduas wrote the Refus Global manifesto which worked as a keystone of Quebec’s Automatiste  movement.  He started his artist’s career as a trainee of painter Ozias Leduc. He was a good student. He was so much lucky that he won a scholarship from Ecole des beaux-arts de Montreal.  He won several prestigious prizes there also. Bordaus’ paintings fascinated all. He studied for further time in Paris. He studied deeply. He achieved excellence there. Then Bordaus returned to the city of Montreal. He took part in John Lyman’s Contemporary Art Society. Bordaus gained attractiveness and esteem among his pupils. Since he was a teacher he was always with the young touch. He had the chance to contact with the young artists regularly. He contacted artists like Marcel Berbeu, and Roger Fauteux. He met Claude Gauvreau and Jean Paul Riopelle. Borduas kept in touch of the renowned artists Pierre Gauvreau and Fernand Leduc. Even Jean Paul Mousseau and Marcelle Ferron contacted him regularly. Again Francoise Sullivan kept in touch to Bordaus too. They wanted to Join him in Automatiste movement. All of his students were the appreciator of his art works.

But an unfortunate thing happened then. He published Refus Global manifesto in the year of 1948. That brought him bad luck. He was sacked from his job for that publication. So Borduas’ teaching stopped there. Afterwards he moved to the city of New York in the year of 1953. He remained there for two years. He went on with his art work in New York City too. After leaving the New York City Borduas went to Paris. Paris is the city of art and literature, it is still that now. Paris was the last place that he travelled. Paul-Emile passed away there because of heart attack. Though he wasn’t evaluated then, he is now evaluated all over the Canada with a huge respect. He is the present influential artist of Canada’s art world. His abstract arts received much fame. All over the country his paintings are exhibited. In all provinces of Canada he is the same popular. It is obviously because of his art works quality and beauty. Almost in all prominent exhibitions his paintings are exhibited with a great respect. Even his painting created record. Paul-Emile Borduas painting were sold on more than $500,000. He didn’t do work on landscape or anything else common. He tried to find out the inner meaning of art. He wanted to give messages to his society by his abstract painting.