What makes a party stand out? When you give them the “party hangover”. Not (just) the hangover caused by alcohol but by the whole party experience itself. You know you got a good one when people still can’t get over it even after a week. Or when people just can’t stop posting photos of your party in Instagram, then you know you just gave them a night they will remember forever! If you want to be the host of the most memorable party your friends would ever attend to, then better start preparing for something worth stamping for. Get to know the different ways on how to make your party one for the books!


Make your party more fun by starting with a theme. This way you can already set expectations on the party’s objectives and look. Having a theme also helps the guests think of what to wear. Most likely, themed parties would involve wearing costumes, which even makes the whole experience exciting! Some common themes are: retro, musical artists, Hawaiian, hiphop, Hollywood, or a black and white party. Don’t forget the ‘Best in Costume’ award too!


Create a good impression by making your venue photo worthy. Of course the place should match the party’s theme right? You may ask assistance from party organizers as you do the set-up. Having a beautiful backdrop or eye catching party venue encourages guests for an impromptu photoshoot with friends!


If you the money, or better yet, connections, you may invite famous celebrities to guest at your party. Trust me, it is something your guests may not forget, well hopefully you’ll get to invite those that they generally like, or else it wouldn’t be much of a big deal. You can also opt for party entertainers like bands or singers to serenade your guests. People love artists and celebrities you know.


People always associate food with parties, and they have all the right to do so! Make sure to search for the nearest and tastiest catering in town to serve your hungry attendees. Do also consider preparing pretty looking food, probably desserts, that also entices people to take photos. But the most important thing is its taste because when you hit their tastebuds, it will also surely hit their memories! Also make sure to be prepared with the overflowing drinks if you will be inviting drinkers for the party. There is nothing more frustrating than a good drinking session cut short.


This best applies for office parties as these parties also serve as a break for the working employees. Have something new to offer for the workaholics who spent months doing the same routinary tasks. You can invite a corporate event entertainer to amaze the audience. They can be exhibitionists or magicians who can surprise the crowd, or dancers for the guests to enjoy. Presenting something they don’t usually see on parties will definitely make the party worth remembering.


What is a party without music? Prepare for the best music which you are sure your guests will have fun listening to. If you would need to hire a DJ, then feel free to do so. This way someone can navigate the music depending on the crowd’s mood and favorite songs. It is important to know that music also sets the mood for your party animal friends!

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