Nowadays a lot of people invest a lot of money for lightening their skin complexion. Women, as well men are equal in this race of skin whitening products.

The cosmetic companies are earning a lot of money and the cosmetic industry is a billion dollars industry which is continuously growing and influencing more and more customers.

For many people, a better skin complexion is good for their self-esteem as clear skin is a sign of beauty. If you want to clear your skin, you must be thinking about buying any good Skin lightening cream. But the decision of which cream to buy is very difficult as every brand claims to give best results but very few are worth investing.

The main factors before you buy any skin cream are your skin type and your budget. If you buy an expensive cream but it’s not for your skin type, you will be ruining your money in that way. But with many benefits of lightening cream, there are some drawbacks too!

Some creams contain chemicals that damage the skin after long term usage so you should always read the ingredients of the cream before you buy them. A consultation with your skin specialist is also necessary if you have sensitive skin and acne problems. The sensitive skin is prone to more reactions and damage when wrong products are used.

So have a look at the following risks of using a Skin lightening cream:

  1. Many creams cause skin thinning:

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of using a Skin lightening cream. Many lightening creams use chemicals which cause skin thinning and even dissolve the epidermis. So the skin is exposed to higher dangers of acne, bruising, stretch marks and other skin problems. The epidermis protects the skin from the outside factors that cause skin damage so when your epidermis is damaged by prolonged usage of a lightening cream; it is more prone to permanent damage. You must use any lightening cream for small periods of time and buy branded creams which are reliable and safe for skin usage.

  1. Pigmentation problems:

It is recommended by many skin care experts that use quality creams for your skin; but in some cases even good creams cause pigmentation. The repeated use of a Skin lightening cream can cause permanent damage to your skin by causing pigmentation. This means that your skin will have lighter and darker areas patches and this damage can be very bad. Sometimes only surgery is the way to get rid of pigmentation marks. So beware of such dangers of using lightening creams.

  1. More acne and sensitivity:

Many lightening creams make your skin more sensitive to touch. The result is more acne and pimples. Basically the presence of steroids in the creams causes the pores of the skin to block and this is the main reason of acne. When the pores are blocked, you will face more blackheads and whiteheads too as well as more clogged skin pores which can cause infections to develop. Even if you want to use any lightening product, keep a healthy skin routine so that you don’t damage your skin in the run of lightening your complexion.

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