If you are interested in getting a women’s Dutch bicycle, it is important that you do your research before making any purchases. Many companies make Dutch-style bikes. They are a lot like the real thing, but they are missing some of the most important features that these bicycles are known for. For instance, did you know that a true Dutch bicycle has a built-in wheel lock so you never have to carry a lock and chain around with you? Here are some more important features to look for when shopping for one of these bicycles.


These bikes have thicker tubing in their frames, making them heavier than other bicycles. But, you aren’t using this for racing anyway. If you were racing, you would be getting a racing bike. This heavy frame is going to make the bike much more durable, and it is going to be around for many years to come. It should come with a rear rack made from steel, and you should be able to have a rack mounted in the front if you want one. Other bikes won’t always have this option.


The fenders should be made from a heavy steel that is extremely durable. The fenders may have several features themselves, including a set-up for tail lights, a bumper, and even mud flaps. These are going to last much longer than fenders that are made from lower-grade metals or plastic. If you notice that the fenders are not made from steel, you know that this is not the real thing, and you aren’t getting a true women’s Dutch bicycle.

Riding Position

The first thing to look at is the riding position. You should be in a comfortable position, sitting with your back straight. You don’t want to be hunched over like you are trying to race. This is not a comfortable way to ride a bike, and it is not the way that Dutch bikes are made.


Not just any old gears are used in this type of bicycle. Many modern bikes are using the latest in gear technology, but the hub gear that has been around for over a century is tried and true, and what you will find on a real Dutch bicycle. Look for the Sturmey Archer 3-speed hubs to know that you are getting the real thing. If you don’t know what you are looking for, don’t be afraid to talk to the sales representative and ask questions.


When shopping around for a Dutch bike, make sure that the models you look at have internal hub brakes, either drum, roller, or coaster-style. These are going to be much more reliable than the regular brakes that most other types of bikes have. Also, unlike rim brakes, they are not going to end up causing a lot of wear and tear to other parts of the bike. With the right brakes, you won’t have to worry about replacing parts and having repairs done, or even having to replace the bike long before you should have to.

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