Cars have now become a necessity, you need vehicle for your daily activities, and they make you efficient, as they reduce the time of your traveling.

Gone are the days when vehicles or cars were considered as male dominate commodity, with the passage of time the target of these automobile industries have changed, now the new vehicles are designed focusing the female needs and demands. It is expected that automobile companies would launch cars for women soon.

It has been observed that the female now have almost same requirements in a vehicles as of the male, they don’t look for the design but also the working of the machinery. Safety, comfort and practical usage are the most considered factors for car purchasing, below is the list of characteristics women look for while purchasing vehicles:

  1. Dependable:

The very essential element a woman would want in a car is dependency, women want reliable cars that would not stop in a middle of nowhere, they are mostly unaware of the mechanics involved in the working of the car therefore they avoid this subject.

  1. Style:

Because of their certain nature, women always want to make a style statement, therefore they want a vehicle that would look stylish and is comfortable to drive too.

  1. Price:

The monetary factor is the most important one for all sort of purchasing; women especially consider this factor while making any purchase deal.

Women and cars:

With the emergence of women in fields like politics, business and leadership, which were considers men oriented, women have also emerged in the usage of vehicles another men dominating commodity. According to the census, the number of female drivers and license owners has increased dramatically. With the increase in number of female drivers, an increase in the number of female owners has also increased; it is observed that more than 80% of the car purchasing decision is conducted by women.

Characteristics women look for:

The few characteristics that any women look for in a car are:

  1. Size:

It is seen that most women go for small sized cars, as they are easy to be handled and maintained too.

  1. Design:

Women go for spacious cars, as women’s require more space for all their stuff, women would most likely to pick spacious cars.

  1. Safety:

Women are very conscious creatures, they would like vehicles with a proper safety system, and they like easy to operate simple cars the most.

  1. Latest features:

For convenes, women like cars with driving assistance and parking assistant. Features like things make it easy to operate the vehicle.

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