On searching Google you can find countless references to professional psychics who claim to have provided help to famous celebrities in their careers. The common belief is that by being associated with famous celebrities would increase reliability amongst the people about their abilities. But psychic Christopher Golden also referred to as Psychic 90210 feels otherwise.

The best Psychic that celebrities trust

Katy_Perry_sees_Psychic_Christopher_GoldenDespite being rumored to advice a number of high profile celebrities, Golden is tight lipped about who all come to seek his help. Infact according to the Wall Street Journal and the Huffing ton Post has is the ‘Psychic To The Stars’, though he never mentioned any name himself, in none of his articles or statements to the media. In fact when asked about his associations with celebrities he has stated briefly that most of his clients are common people with common problems.

His website too doesn’t boast of any celebrity connection but many sources have suggested that psychic Christopher Golden catered to celebrity clients of the stature of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Bieber and the list goes on. In fact, by maintaining a low key about the celebrity status he already has, he seems to have gain more faith and reliability among st his clients.


Katy Perry consults him too

Katy Perry has been reportedly consulting a psychic regarding her personal life according to some sources.  And the advice is not limited to only relationships and love but also career. She along with her celebrity best friend Rihanna has chosen to get psychic help to deal with certain issues of their personal life and Rihanna has been quite open about it in public as well. Christopher Golden provides his advice on any problem related to love and relationship and his consultation fee is $1200. He claims to have solution to all the problems and employs his mastery in metaphysical art to deal with every situation, even if that is healing back broken relationships.

He heals through powerful psychic energy work that helps him get to the root of the problem and discover the solution. Love is a sensitive issue and Christopher Golden has good reputation in being compassionate and patient towards his clients. Many of his clients have also praised him for paying keen attention to everything they had to say and then work on the problems. Also the promise of confidentiality is there that has won the faith of many.

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