Choosing the hotel is one of the main concerns when we are organizing a great holiday. Price and location are key factors, together with others such as how long we are going to stay in, the comfort services and, above all, if it meets the criteria we have chosen for the destination we are going to visit.

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The latter is important because, although it may seem secondary and normally we think a hotel is only a place to sleep, have a shower and leave our belongings, this choice must be consistent with the stated philosophy to travel.It is obviously not the same when we backpackto a destination where we don’t even worry about the restaurant we eat in, or if we are going to the countryside, to the city or to the beach. According the kind of travel, one hotel or another will suit us better than the rest.

The perfect hotel for beach destinations

At first it may seem secondary and not necessary to enjoy a good swim at the beach or to enjoy the sand, but in this case it is very important to choose a hotel in the right location, just close to the beach.

Although these cases may involve higher prices, the comings and goings, the own stuff needed for the beach (umbrella, towel, picnic etc.) and the need for a good shower after a full day at the beach, cry out for a near location in the seaside.

A hotel on the surroundings which forces us to walk more than ten minutes can overshadow and disrupt the feeling of relaxation and rest which is automatically associated with beach destinations.

Cultural destinations: the hotel may not clash

Going to Paris and ending up in a dump or going to Prague and not sleeping in a bohemian prague hotel design can break the atmosphere of our travel where being immersed in the life and culture of the destination is a must.

In these cases we should not just choose hotels located in the center of the city: we take hours and hours walking, lining, visiting museums, walking through the streets … the closer we feel to our resting place, the more pleasure we feel after these tourist marathons.

Moreover, because of these eternal comings and goings, there will be times where we want to relax, so the hotel should have places to relax or rooms where you can chill outside the room where we sleep, or at least, a comfortable bedroom, and we will not break the frame of our travel if we are able to find a suitable authentic hotel; a hotel which transmits the essence of the city.

Pure nature: Rest and good landscapes

If our destination is the mountain or a natural environment, we must prioritize the comfort of the seating area and the bed as well as a beautiful landscape, which shows the nature and the environment in which the hotel is located.

Although the offer in hostels, campsites etc.  is well widespread and often with an excellent ratio of prices, we think that the sport we do during the long walks, excursions and activities in the mountain, even if we’re not used to exercise, require proper rest that cannot be provided by a sleeping bag or a mattress suffering from overuse.

In short, we must not forget that the hotel is part of the travel experience, and that is something we should not consider just as a place to sleep.