Barcelona is a city enjoyable at any time of the year, but around Christmas holidays Barcelona becomes a city full of magic and enjoyable for everyone.

Ice rinks, Christmas and craft markets and above all, lots of illuminative decorations invade the streets of this Mediterranean capital.

Visit the many street markets

When December arrives Barcelona gets full of markets. In every neighborhood and in many places the visitor can find these typical Christmas corners which are definitely the best place for you to buy Christmas decorations or gifts for family and friends.

However, it is in the downtown area where we find the most remarkable, from the traditional market of Santa Llucía in the Plaça Nova, opposite the cathedral the visitor can breathe a Christmas atmosphere with carol concerts and classic songs, to the fair trade installed in PlaçaCatalunyafor the first time this year.

Along the Gran Vía, an avenue that normally does not invite to walk like others of similar size, we can also find during these days a market that extends along much of the length of this Barcelonan artery. And we can’t forget the Ramblas, a promenade almost mandatory (although due to the elevated transit, the walk may be somewhat overwhelming).

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Participate in Catalan traditions

Barcelona is rich in traditions, and in the case of Christmas the city is not far behind. From the crib decorating the Plaça de SantJaume year after year across from City Hall, to culinary traditions such as “galets” (pasta shells) or “Canelones” (manicotti) made with leftovers of the feast of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Regardingsymbologythere are two particular elements to be mentioned: the cagané and the cagatió. Two somewhat scatological symbols of Catalan Christmas: the first of them consistsofa figure defecating and placed in the cribs, and each year this nativity scene is represented with the figures of celebrities and politicians that have been relevant during the year.The second symbol is a decorated tree trunk filled with gifts for children, likea piñata, which can only be obtained from the inside on Christmas Eve.

And if the plan includes enjoying one of the holiday apartments in Barcelona much better, ​​so we can spend Christmas Eve in the Catalan capital and refill the cagatió with gifts and open them in our own apartment without having to wait to get to our destination of origin.

Ice skating

What would Christmas be without a stunning ice rink? Likewisethe famous ice rink in Rockefeller Center in New York, which we have seenin so many movies, in the recent years the major European capitals have been filled with ice rinks delightful and enjoyable for everyone.

Barcelona wanted to join this tradition and every year itinstallsanice rink, traditionally in PlaçaCatalunya but this year seems to be moving to L’Hospitalet to let more space for the fair trade market.

Do not hesitate!If you want to enjoy the best Christmas atmosphere surrounded by culture, history and tradition above all, Barcelona is your destination for this Christmas.