In the world of beauty, everything is starting to be discovered. Beauty products range from the traditional foundations and blushes to the complicated eyeshadow glitters, primers, and bronzers. Beauty treatments are getting more and more extravagant and posh each year that more people are starting to patronize them because of their said benefits. One type of beauty product that is now widely used among avid make-up users is the Facial spray or Mineral water spray. This is used mostly in beauty treatments, and in keeping the skin moisturized whilst having make-up on.

These spritzing waters are known by different names and different brands, but are mostly just doing the same job. They are used for the skin, especially the face, where the most problems usually occur, and are used as secondary products to enhance and help the skin.

The Spray Gist

Mineral water sprays, or facial sprays are used to mist and spritz the face to refresh the skin. This is mostly useful for those with dry skin and those who are fond of using make-up. This keeps the skin hydrated whilst under the sun, or under heavy make-up. The water, which is mostly garnered from thermal springs, is sold in a spray bottle container.

The water sprayed on the skin can evaporate, but with the right guidance and tools, one can keep the face moisturized. Mineral water spray benefits can range from hydration, soothing the skin, improve skin restoration processes, and help heal skin irritations. This is most particularly helpful for the people with sensitive skin, especially if the water is soothing or contains cool ingredients. Sprays are very handy when traveling, as it comes in a easy apply bottle. They are widely used on flights, on hot tropical areas, and on or before a beauty procedure.

Claims and Doubts

Though there are some that criticize this beauty product as only water in a expensive and new container, there are others that find these sprays to be very helpful. Others claim that the product is just “high-prized water” matched with claims and packaging. However dubious people might be about the product, some are still claiming that these kinds of spray has done wonders to their skin. Different skin types may have varied effects when the spray is used, but it is still just mostly clean water, so it has not really caused any publicized problems.

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