No matter how careless you are, you wouldn’t deny the fact that your hairs require some care. Here, care doesn’t mean extra treatments and nourishment that women often use. You can do it by being careful while applying chemicals, tools and other treatments.

Otherwise, more women than men face the problem of hair fall, and you wouldn’t want it at any cost. So, what’s there to be done to protect your hairs from damaging?

This post talks about some simple yet ignored things that can keep your hairs healthy and unaffected for long. Not to mention, you’d have to take out at least 10 to 15 minutes every day to look after these precious little assets of yours. You can either visit the best hair salon Toronto Ontario once every month, or you can research some routine activities on the web to use on your hairs regularly, if not daily.

You can also talk to the hairstylists of Toronto hair salons and use their tips to good effect. Here are 4 things you should not do to your hairs.

Use of Elastic

You can use claws or bobby pins to stop your hairs from coming onto your face. What? You know it! then you’re lucky, because, still today, most women use elastic or rubber bands for this purpose.

A tightly held elastic or rubber band causes irritation in hair strandsThe use of rubber band or elastic may damage the roots and can break your long hairs apart.

The use of rubber band or elastic may damage the roots and can break your long hairs apart.

Too Much Heat

Today, the use of straightening irons has become quite common, but what it does is far worse. Girls often lose control when they see this tool. What they don’t realize is, they’re applying too much heat to their hairs which can be damaging.

According to the hairstylists of hair salons Toronto, hairs are of different types and each has their unique characteristic. None of them can withstand excessive heat, if it’s been applied quite frequently. So, avoid that iron straightening tool as much as possible.

Hairstyling Tools

How many times do you comb your hair in a day? This is a simple question.

And how many times do you clean your comb or hair brush? Don’t remember?

Well, you should be careful using those combs, hair brushes, even blow-dryers that already have hairs on them. Those hairs have gone dead and if you use these tools without cleaning, your scalp will definitely be affected.

Bacteria, germs and dust stored in these tools and dead hairs can get into your head through scalp and then, who knows what they can do to your hairs. So, like your health, take care of the health of your hairs too. Always use clean brushes and combs for styling.

Not Using Heat Protectant

If you often use hair straightening tools or curling tools, you should also use heat protectants to take care of your scalp. This can reduce the impact of heat on your hairs.

Always be careful using chemicals and electronic equipments for your hairs. Stick to natural practices as much as you can. That’s the best way to protect.

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