In the coming winter season when you have to restock your wardrobe, you are looking for the right things to choose from. Well the trends of the market are that jackets are the evergreen thing that you can always go with. A nice jacket for women is something that you can pair with almost everything and anything. The ideal choice among the jackets for women is the bomber jackets for women.

The original bomber jackets were designed for men exclusively and was for air pilots and bombers in plane thus they got their name. Over the period of time the design has not at all changed that much. This type of jacket was initially made from leather and this leather was used to form the outer covering of the jacket and insulating material like the down feathers were filled inside the lining to keep the wearer warm by stopping the body heat from escaping during the winters. These jackets are simple, with no-frills and are designed to give the wearer complete protection and warmth. Their length extends till the waist and these have a soft inner lining to make the wearer feel comfortable. They also have a turndown collar till where the inner lining extends which makes a swatch which is visible on either side of the chin and thus also provides protection to the neck and lower chin region.

Nowadays manufacturing is done in form of jackets for women along with men as well but manufacturing from leather would be way too much expensive. This make leather irrelevant in todays’ time and if still a leather look is needed one can go with rexine but a new material was searched and developed by the US Air force and MA-1 was made which was the intermediate jacket for flight. The bomber jackets for women is nowadays made up of high quality nylon and polyester interlining.

The various types of bomber jackets for women that are a hit among the youth these days are as follows:

  • The bomber jacket of leather look is really liked among the jackets for women collection. It gives the wearer a rebellious and confident look and this is the reason that many women go for it. These are comfortable to wear as well but these are not the best choice to be made because rexine although gives the leather look but still it is artificial leather and get damaged very easily and many people may be allergic to the substance.
  • Melange Bomber jackets for women are the jackets which are totally of single colour and they are usually made up of cotton which makes it all the more comfortable to wear and wash and maintain. These are warm and really comfortable at the same time and a really good choice to go for. The colours that one can go for is rust red, olive green and few such non-regular colours.
  • Contrast rib bomber jackets for women are the jackets which are in two colour combination and they are different at wrists and collar and the waist region and this is slight different design from the above one but this is also a very good design that you can go for and in fact it is better because it will be more colourful.
  • You can always prefer the simple bomber jackets for women as they original ones with no change in designs and they do look excellent.

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