Having a leather belt as part of your wardrobe is not only functional it is also fashionable. Leather belts for men are one of the most important accessories that any man could have in their wardrobe. What most men don’t think about is that when they have a leather belt it is important to take care of it so that it keeps that amazing look just like when it was brand new.

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So how exactly do you take care of a leather belt? It isn’t something that is typically taught at a young age so perfecting the art of keeping a leather belt clean and looking new is an experience that has to be learned. With a little bit of know how and by following these easy steps, you can keep your leather belt for years to come.

5 Easy Cleaning Steps

  1. If you wear your belt on almost a daily basis for casual affairs, keeping it clean is easy. Normal every day dust and dirt is easily removed by using a soft cloth or rag. It doesn’t need to be wet, rather just rubbing it along the length of the belt will remove any regular daily dirt and dust.
  2. If you wear your leather belt while you are working around grease and oil and you get a spot on your belt, don’t fret. It is simple to clean the spot by blotting it with a cloth. If this doesn’t work there are multiple leather cleaners on the market to help you remove oil and grease stains.
  3. Did you know that a drycleaner does more than just clean your expensive clothes? If you have an expensive leather belt that you want to get clean and all methods you have used thus far have failed your local drycleaner can actually work their magic to restore the belt to its original quality.
  4. Be careful what you clean your leather belt with. Never use any type of household chemical that could potentially ruin the leather. Things such as bleach and things like dish soap can actually damage the leather beyond repair.
  5. Caring for your leather belt is a daily task if you wear it on a regular basis. Making sure that you’re paying attention to your belt will help keep it clean and usable for years without having to worry about replacing it. You can even buy leather conditioner to use periodically to help keep it soft and usable. A good leather conditioner will also help keep your belt clean and at times free from certain spills and stains.

While most people don’t think twice about caring for a leather belt, ensuring proper care will make your favorite accessory last for years without having to purchase a new one. Leather belts for men are something that can be found in almost all closets. Instead of purchasing a new belt every few months, simply take a few minutes after you take it off to make sure it is clean and well maintained.

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