As the progress of fashion, e-commerce and online shopping evolve in the direction of the trends and global era. The needs of women’s fashion trends are much more significant than ever as women always want to look fashionable, supported by the broad scope of the model, and innovative design.

To answer the needs of the modern women, a new online shop venture STYLESAND UK, located at is recently launched.


STYLESAND makes it easier for women who loves fashion by providing a variety of women’s fashion products that are trendy and up to date. The products available are from high street brands as well as private label. Trendy modern woman will surely get a different shopping experience from STYLESAND, ranging from its carefully curated products, online shopping sensation, as well as time efficiency. STYLESAND is a complete fashion resellers with a platform that is easy to use by modern woman with a collection of products that are provided by online partner that has been registered in Stylesand’s platform. STYLESAND are in collaboration with thousands of online brands and a trusted partners bringing the best deals, especially for all modern women who can appreciate the beauty of fashion.


With more and more women who want a simple comparison feature for convenience when shopping online, STYLESAND can provide smart ways of shopping online and to see a collection of products in a variety of ways. Starting from the product category, promo, search box, shop category, to the selection of the brands. In the product category, searches can be based on categories, types of the similar product, and price. The modern woman can also view the product in more details, the brand name, as well as the online partner’s seller. Compare features and comparison charts are also available.


STYLESAND keeps innovating to provide features that can allow women to shop online efficiently and intelligently. Now, modern woman do not have to bother anymore to spend a lot of energy and time while shopping. Fashion shopping with STYLESAND is the solution. STYLESAND helps modern women making the right decisions online, and of course giving women a much more gratifying shopping experience.



STYLESAND is a recently launched Online Shop that combines thousands of products from leading retailers. STYLESAND collect up-to-date fashion collections and refine them to what suits the modern women. The best of the high street: the names, the choice, the style – merged with the seamless benefits of online shopping experience. STYLESAND is an e-commerce venture from Fusion DMS, a global media and digital company including women lifestyle media