Finding a suitable pair of pants for big and tall men is very hard. Here we tell you of linen pants and chinos which are ideal for them.

Linen Pants

Linen is very absorbent so it’s a cool and fresh material to wear. It’s a great choice both for casual and formal wear.

Picking the Right Linen Pants

For formal wear the big and tall linen pants have drawstring stitched into it which make pants more rigid which is a good thing for large people with wide legs and it avoids pants from sagging or getting wrinkled during movement.

Formal linen pants a zipper front or button flaps. Sometimes there are also pleats in the formal linen pants. However, it’s better for big and tall men to avoid pleats and go for straight cut because then the bottom of their legs will look too narrow.

Casual linen pants don’t have drawstring so they are a bit looser and wrinkled. They use string knots instead of zipper or button flaps, so it’s not at all good for formal wear.

Ideal for big and tall men

Since larger men sweat more so linen pants will be good as they’ll keep you cool and fresh whilst being in formal wear. They are also easy to fit into and are pretty cheap to get altered. Being soft, it’s also good for big and tall men as you won’t feel as if you’re squashing yourself into the pants.

Hence there’s no need to worry yourself with what type of pants are suitable for big and tall men as big and tall linen pants are all you need for both casual and formal occasions.


Chinos are pants which are formal in design. They are made from 100% cotton so it allows air to pass and prevents heat so it’s a good choice to wear in office during summers.  It’s also good for bigger men because they sweat more than average size people.

Chinos having a rigid frame look straight and so are great for big and tall men. Big and tall chinos having this rigid frame limit pleats which create ruffles in the fabric and can make it look disorganized.

Occasions to Wear Chinos

  • During Job Applications, khaki chinos are a great choice. However keep away from pleated pairs and go for straight-cut chinos. Dark blue chinos also look good.
  • During a Date Night big and tall men aren’t able to wear fashionable pants. However pairing chinos of different colors with subtle tops and open blazers look great.
  • While Out Golfing regular chino trousers are a great way to stay cool and comfortable.
  • For Everyday Wear you can pair khaki chinos with blue or black shirt and brown or black leather shoes.

Chinos are also very affordable. So you can use them regularly for both casual and formal wear. There are nowadays many designer brands that carry big and tall chinos; hence they are also easily available.

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