Can you really be gender specific when it is about buying a vehicle? Will car buying tips and tricks for women be any different from those for the men? At the end of the day, I’d say no to it. Wondering why? The reason behind is that knowledge means a great power and a clueless confused male consumer who will be simply as ignorant as a confused female consumer!

On the other hand, there are some vital tips for women that they need to be aware of to be more cautious and be able to handle the car sales men in a much better manner. Below are the buying tips women need to consider:


  • Always remember that the sales representative is not your friend. Even if you have come to them with a reference, keep it in mind that he has to make a commission off the vehicle you are going to purchase, so will would like to make the best deal from you.
  • Know what you want to before you walk onto the car supermarket and avoid impulse purchasing at all costs! Basically, you must do what you can to know what price you should actually be paying for the model of the vehicle you are looking for.
  • Once you know what you are looking for, be prepared and be a bit flexible but stay within your budget and for what you need the vehicle for. It is quite easy to be emotionally led into singing a deal that looks perfect on the day but is not at all affordable or practical.
  • Do not let the sales person at the car supermarket know just how badly you want to have a particular make of the car. Doing it will make you hand over your control to the sales representative.
  • Take your own time and do not let the sales person make you think that you need to take that vehicle home today as it just might not be there tomorrow. As a matter of fact, ensure you say that you will come back later in a week or so once you have thought over it. Do not take the pressure.

Now that you have given it a thought on buying a car for yourself, whether you are considering buying a new vehicle or a second hand used car, there are some car buying tips for women you need to be aware of before you walk into the car supermarket.

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