Many of the American stores like Barnes & Noble, Forever 21, and Bloomingdales etc. have their stores and outlets in other countries too but they offer their goods at more expensive rates than they do in United States and if you buy them online then they also come cheap.  It is simply because what’s sold in America has much lower import dues than things sold in other countries because of the United State’s market’s prominence. Other countries also have a lot of dues attached like VAT, custom duties, taxes etc.  Moreover, online sellers don’t have to worry about the rent like the brick and mortar outlets do. Normally they need just the storage space, which is generally inexpensive in America.

So how can you do shopping from US while living abroad? Very simple, you can always enlist the help of an intermediary service in America which will procure the items which you want to buy from any of the US-based online reseller for example you can enlist the help of Parcel Xpress LLC.

For the service from you just have to follow these few simple steps:

  1. Register at their website within just a few minutes
  2. Then place an order according to your choosing.
  3. After registration immediately you will come across a list of all their facilities, which are broken down according to location. Any of them can be used as your address when you are placing orders.
  4. In case you would like them to purchase on your behalf, you have the option of inserting links to the products into your account which you would like to purchase. Your order will be processed within 24 hours. The payment will be due when it has been confirmed that the item you want is available.

In case that you order on your own, the details of the transaction need to be placed into your account so that the packages can be verified as they arrive. This will allow the intermediary service to physically check the items which are to be received.

When the package has reached the facilities, the photograph detailing the contents can be viewed, the item weights can be checked, and you can determine how to get it shipped to you. You can even wait for more orders and then can have them bundled together, or you can have it forwarded right away through your option of shipping method.

Such intermediary services aim to process the packages ordered within 24 hours of the request. The merchandise is aimed to be delivered to you as soon as possible. Once they have the package out of the door you just have to wait for the goods to arrive.

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