So you heard about the benefits of Zumba and have registered for a class. Zumba is understood for having its own special workout clothing, unlike other workout programs. Not too much is required for for Zumba, just a good pair of shoes, here are the best zumba shoes that are reasonably priced and comfortable.


If you are brand-new to the world of Zumba, an early injury or uncomfortable and sore muscles might hinder you from taking regular classes. Many people feel intimidated by going to a class because they have no idea how to dance or don’t think they have any rhythm. The easy solution to this, is to get yourself some Zumba DVD’s and practice at home until you feel confident you know what your doing.

What To Look For In Zumba Shoes

There are a couple of things to consider when buying your brand-new shoes for Zumba. One element is how physically fit you are and experience level– this is a sign of how strong your feet and legs are, and just how much support and shock absorption you will require. Another thing to think about is the kind of floor surface area where the class is held.

Zumba has substantial lateral motion and some fast footwork to match the thrilling music. The sole ought to provide ease of motion on the surface area you will be dancing on.

This element is why it is very important to understand the floor surface area in the studio where you will be having class. There is a significant distinction in between the type shoes you require for safe dancing on a marble floor, versus a carpeted surface area.

The Type of Surface is Important to Consider

Classes conducted on concrete or tile floors will need a greater level of shock absorption and cushioning for your feet to avoid injury such as shin splints. Classes that are held on carpets need a smoother sole to avoid your feet from getting stuck in the rug fibers.

Choose the level of shock absorption that fits your individual requirements. If you are simply starting and have not been working out routinely, a thicker sole with more shock absorption is the perfect option.Unlike normal sports training shoes, shoes utilized in dance physical fitness, such as Zumba, normally have a split sole to permit a greater degree of foot versatility.

The quantity of cushioning and shock absorption is probably your most important consideration. Good support is also important, an injury early on in your Zumba training, will keep you from going back to class, and might even dissuade you from ever returning.

If your class is on a carpeted floor, and the sole has excessive grip, your foot may stick and cause you to twist your ankle or knee, or suffer a fall. If you do not have adequate grip on a slippery floor, you may land ungracefully on your butt.

Leather or Man Made Materials?

A leather shoe is generally much heavier than a shoe constructed of man-made materials. Keep in mind it is best to try on Zumba shoes on with the socks you will be using while in class. You do not want the Zumba shoes to be so tight they injure or pinch, and not so loose your feet might move around inside the shoe.

The upper of the shoe might be constructed of leather or an elastic mesh material. If your feet sweat a lot when you work out, choose the mesh material shoe to permit optimal air circulation.If your feet tend to be cold, you may choose the leather shoes with less breathability. A leather shoe is generally much heavier than a shoe built with man-made materials.