Kitchen is the heart of the home and keeping the heart filled with life and soul is the ultimate duty of every house owner. Kitchen appliances act as the soul for the kitchen which brings life to the empty room named kitchen. No matter how experienced the cook may be, if he could not have kitchen appliances, he cannot cook.

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Kitchen has its special importance in the house. If you are the type of person who love home improvement and continuous changes in the houses then you should also undergo changes in the kitchen appliances.

One of the important and essential kitchen appliance is the cooktop without which no cooking can be done. But the problem lies in choosing the cooktops as there is quite a large variety of cooktop styles and selecting among them is a pretty difficult task.

I am going to list the different types of cooktops that are available today so that you can select the best among them according to your requirements.

Different Types of Cooktops:

Following are described different types of cooktops which is one of the most important kitchen appliances today:

Induction Cooktop:

Induction cooktop is the most modern cooktop available in the market that uses magnetic induction to cook food much like conventional microwave ovens. There is no physical flames of fire on this cooktop so no one can burn out. It is also quite energy efficient and can boil a pot of water in just 1 minute. The quality and style is amazing but it is much more expensive.

Electric Cooktop:

Electric cooktops are less expensive than the induction cooktops but the quality is also lower. The glass surface of the cooktop is easily scratch able and immediate cleansers and clean-up is required if it gets filthy because of food spill outs. You also need to use cookware having flat bottoms on this cooktop.

Gas Cooktop:

This cooktop is fixed in the countertop and the controls are fixed in the cutout of the countertops. The gas cooktops are available in sealed burners style as well as in conventional burners style. It is important to investigate properly about which one suits your house the best as sealed burners gets very hot and it may affect your upper cabinetry but they are much easier to clean. The designer will guide you better in how to use the gas cooktop or do modifications in the design.

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