Kitchen is a place where people catch up over cup of cup or snacks. Nowadays kitchen is more like a place to interact and cook. Kitchen is more welcoming, fun and practical. Kitchen is a place full of new technology to new innovations. The kitchen is the combination of the activities that take place in the kitchen like socializing and snacking to cleanup and cooking.

Today kitchens are available in different colors, designs and technology. There are a lot of unique color in which kitchen design are available now like reddish brown and maroon whereas pearl white and brown are the most common color available for any kitchen.

Now kitchen designers are also referred as the sales professional. Most of the designer are professional by working they can use computer-aided design as well as the manual drawing. There are a lot of kitchen designer that works with homemaker to make kitchen more comfortable and cozy for people. Professional kitchen designer and homeowner together plan the functionality and layout of the new remodeled kitchen along with the symmetry and quality of the kitchen. Kitchen designers are responsible for the construction and installation of the new kitchen accessories and with decorating the new kitchen.

Professional kitchen designers

Many kitchen designers are commercial kitchen designer they work with food service companies and restaurants, this type of designer have more specialized knowledge in areas like industrial design, health codes and ergonomics. There are many reputed designer like,

  1. Peter Thompson kitchen
  2. Richard bakers kitchen

Peter Thompson kitchen

Peter Thompson is famous for their designer kitchens like modern curved kitchen design, English heritage and farmhouse kitchen.

  • Modern Curve kitchen

Is a design in which cooking and dining space are combined, modern kitchen design with curved island is also a part of modern kitchen where L shaped and square shaped island is present.

  • English heritage

English heritage is for those people who love the beauty, wood and tradition. English heritage is a simple unique kitchen

  • Farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen is the kitchen in the country tradition is revolved and small wall lamps in the kitchen for lighting are used, in farmhouse kitchen woods and greenery is used although the appliance used in the kitchen are new and innovative.

Richard bakers’ kitchen

Richard baker kitchen is famous for his designer kitchens like Hampton and Edwardian style kitchens.

  • Hampton kitchen

In Hampton kitchen natural material, white color and classic shapes are used.

  • Edwardian kitchen

In Edwardian kitchen the confident use of space is used and strong detailing is used

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