When it comes to buying the Irish Claddagh ring for your best friend or even for your soulmate does really mean a lot. However, finding one in the actual shops in your hometown can be hard. There’s not many shops where you can find this special ring.  It is a great idea to buy this ring online from any of the Claddagh ring companies that sell the different varieties of the ring. Here’s some more information about the delivery costs and the time period that you need to wait for the delivery.

Delivery costs

Most of the places where you can buy your Irish Claddagh ring, or any variety of the Claddagh ring, have different kinds of delivery costs. But, if you know where to buy, you will notice that the delivery costs will be free.

This means that you’re only paying for the ring itself. The delivery will not cost you anything. There are some places where you might pay a small amount of money for the delivery. But, there’s also some places where you’re going to pay lots of money for delivery. The secret is that need to make sure that you know the places where you can buy the same high quality ring, but with free delivery.

Waiting period for the delivery

It can be quite frustrating to wait for delivery, when you buy the Irish Claddagh ring. We are always afraid that the package can get lost during delivery, and it really can happen is some countries. It is always a great idea to know the time that your delivery might take, before arriving to you. Here’s some of the delivery time that you need to wait for your package:

  • For Ireland and the UK, you might wait for about 2 to 3 business days for your ring;
  • Europe three to six business days;
  • The USA and Canada, you will wait about 6 -10 business days;
  • And, for all the other countries, you need to be prepared to wait between 4 and 9 business days.

Depending on the place where you’re buying the Claddagh ring from, delivery fees and the time estimate for delivering the package will vary. When you’re buying at the Irish gift shop, you will be able to get free delivery and shipping will be done, as soon as possible. Buying the ring online, doesn’t mean that you need to pay extra for delivery, and you don’t need to wonder how long it is going to take to get your ring.