Making a room more interesting without spending a fortune on redecorating and refurbishing is really easy if you look through the round rugs available from Rug Zone. Many High Street shops don’t carry a large stock of round rugs because they can be very hard to display, not really lending themselves to being hung up, so it is easy to forget that round rugs really can make a big difference to a room.

An alternative to fitted carpet

Sometimes it is necessary to add a rug to a room to disguise an ugly floor or to mask a worn patch of carpet and using a square or rectangular rug can simply draw attention to what you are trying to hide, because a ‘strip’ of floor is left all around the edge. By using a round rug in the centre of the room, it looks rather more like a design choice and less like an emergency measure, so you can get away with it without all your friends knowing you have a rubbish floor! Round rugs can also make a room look bigger as the corners, becoming almost triangular in shape, draw the eye in a mild optical illusion.

Expect the unexpected

Many rug designs come in round alternatives and so if your decorating policy is to go through the house with the same motif, it is quite possible to buy a round rug to match. This usually means a slight alteration in the pattern repeat and although you have the general ‘look’ it is different enough to make most people look twice. It is also a good choice if you have one room doing two jobs, for example a lounge/diner. By using two round rugs, the floor space is well covered but without having one rug running the length. Round rugs divide the area neatly, and one good trick is to use textures in different colours or the same colour in different textures; this ties the look together but clearly states that the two areas are there for different purposes.

Luxury option

In some ways, round rugs are not the most workaday choice and if you are looking for some added luxury in a bedroom, a round rug is a good option. If you have it ‘disappearing’ under the bed at one side, it gives you a lovely soft landing for your feet in the morning and also makes the bed very much at one with the rest of the room. Bedrooms are notoriously difficult to decorate and this is a shame as some say that it is the most important room in the house – if you don’t get it right it can interfere with your sleep patterns and ultimately even affect your health. Of course, the colour is the most important thing but a small touch like a round rug which covers the floor effectively but in a rather less usual fashion can make all the difference to the final look and make the entire room somewhere where you want to spend time relaxing and not just going there to get some shuteye.

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