Studies shows that taller people are more successful; they get hired and promoted more compared to shorter people and thus make more money! But not dressing properly might change the situation completely. Oversized clothes might hang over your body and small sizes might just look awkward. So it’s really important to find yourself the perfect size.


A dress shirt is a garment which is worn with ties most of the time.

Dress shirts are measured by the size of its neck and the arm’s length, the ideal size for big and tall dress shirts are 17-18 ½ inches and 36-37 inches respectively. Usually the length from shoulder to hem is same, but for men with taller physique it’s not quite ideal. They should look for shirts with longer tail as they can be easily tucked into pants.The shirt must be fitted in a way that it allows all the movements therefore it is recommended to try on the shirt before buying it.

Key points to remember before buying any big and tall dress shirt:

  1. Adequate length in sleeves.
  2. Sufficient shoulder width to keep shirts from pinching.
  3. Long shirttails that can be tucked in securely.
  4. A close fit to prevent billowing.
  5. Unimposing patterns and colors to keep him from looking overwhelming.


Once you get an ideal shirt it’s important to get yourself a perfect jacket. It’s comparatively hard to find big and tall men’s jackets but with a little work you can find the perfect fit. An ideal jacket must cover your body but must be fitted in a way that makes the shape of hourglass. A jacket must add structure to your outfit. The thing which can’t be easily adjusted are the shoulders of a jacket, they are hard to do much with therefore when you shop, try to get a good fit there. The next big thing to remember is the size of sleeves, a jacket’s sleeves must be ½ inch shorter than your shirt’s sleeves.Apart from that jackets color plays the important role as there are many sizes of the jackets collar as well, jacketcollar should always rest on shirt collar. Tall and long men should prefer double-breasted jacket, as they can pull it off better and it looks elegant too.

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