Metallic silver can make you the life of the party!

Silver dresses, silver skirts, silver bags and silver shoes! Metallic silver is amazing and great to wear for a fabulous party. Anyone can wear silver, it will bring you in the centre of attention in a very nice way.  From our point of view this garment is superb, worthy of a fashionista like you!


  1. Simple accessories

If you wear a silver dress the best is to have simple accessories, preferably black. Because the dress is the statement piece the accessories must be delicate.

  1. Just a touch of silver

It can always be backwards, for you can example have a black outfit with some silver accessories. You can choose silver stilettos or a sequin silver bag.

  1. Shiny shoes

Our favourites are the shiny shoes. Shiny high heels, sandals or sneakers are the best. They will bring a touch of glamour to your outfit and will make people admire your sense of style.

  1. Sparkly accents

A belt or a pair of sparkly earring will catch the eyes exactly where you want. If you like to put emphasis on the waist definitely you need to choose a metallic silver waistband.

  1. Leather mix

The combination of leather with metallic garments is tremendously stylish. A leather skirt with a metallic top look great, isn’t it so?

  1. Gold & silver

Mixing metals is a visual extravaganza, it’s like mixing different flavours. The warmth of gold looks amazing near the coolness of the silver. They look surprisingly good together.

  1. Light make-up

When you wear an edgy and sophisticated look it’s important to have a fresh, natural make-up. If you wear silver please do not put silver or glitter on your face, keep it simple!

8. Stylish idea:

Girls can wear bow ties too so we recommend a silver sparkly bow tie to match with your black simple shirt! A quick tip is to unbuttoned the shirt, then you will be ready for the party.

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