These days more and more people are interested in online dating. Because of a lack of time or maybe other reasons, they even willing to pay memberships to get their profiles activated. As a result, every year hundreds of new dating websites are released. Most of them are the copies of,,,, ect. and copies are rarely better than original ones. But it cannot be said about Couplelizer – new way of social dating. Website is concentrated on the main thing only – real life dating! After you register, you can create your personal dating events and invite persons you want. Only one who accepts it first, gets to go on a date with you. Interesting yes? You can look more about it on Youtube:

Pros and Cons of “Couplelizer – social dating


  • First of all, it is absolutely free dating site!
  • Saving time! People are encouraged to go on a real date instead of chatting online. Conversations face to face are always are more beneficial.
  • User friendly design.
  • Suitable for all orientations. Only same orientation people are shown to each other.
  • Only latest photos, taken with smartphones or webcams.
  • Invitations from other members you get even being offline. Just have to respond on time.

Final thoughts

Couplelizer is a new fantastic way to go on a real life date, so as long as it is free it is always worth to try!

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