Bid goodbye to your lover but sex is not over. There are many reasons for a break-up that might be both your faults. But does it mean the end of your sexcapade in bed? Just because the relationship is kaput it does not mean an entire disconnection? After all, your bodies are already well-attuned with each other. After relationship is over, do you know that sex with your ex can be the perfect way to enhance your libido, can you have a FWB relationships together?

What can be your approach

You are aware that your sole in pursuit is just for sex and not reconciliation. Probably she is not interested in your getting back together so you are squared. Do be blatant in using FWB sex as a way get back at her. Do tell her that sex with her is fun that both of you will enjoy. Keep it clean, honest and emotion-free.

Tips how to have sex with your ex

Between toe breakup and your approach, allow enough time to pass

After an amicable breakup, you allow enough time for her to cool off before start knocking at door of your ex. For some people, it would take a few months while for others; it could be a year or years. If your breakup was violent, you need longer interval. You have to let it cool off before knocking at her door.

Tell her of your intentions

Tell her that the reason why you want her back is for a little fun. Make hints that you are dating other chicks so she is plainly aware that your only interest is sex. Many women are open on purely sexual relationship, but when starts feeling possessive, stay far, far, away.

Days for sleepovers are done

Sleepovers are for FWB relationships, not for exes who renewed their friends with benefits. If you go along with her, she might start cooking you breakfast for she is hoping for reconciliation. When you are done with sex, clean up and go home.

Don’t reminiscence about the past

Keep your history in your memoir. Do not begin talking about hurting moments of the past nor talk about the good old days. Completely delete any past thoughts from your mind. Behave like friends with benefits and avoid talking about sensitive issues.

FWB Dating

You are just having sex,  FWB dating is the best choice. It can be easy to pretend you are in a mode for boyfriend/girlfriend. No way, this is not part of the arrangement. She might invite you for a movie, you are not buddies so don’t go with her.

Meet other people and continue to be sociable

Enjoying sexual relations with your ex does not drive other people out of your life. There are still a bevy of single and available girls out there, and you should be out meeting them. Next thing you know, she will have met another guy, and you will be left without a partner.

Safe sex

Since she is not your girlfriend, you have no idea who else she is out with. She has no obligation to tell you what she does. So stay safe and always wear protection!

With these tips, you will surely find your way back to the bedroom of your ex. Just remember to put your best feet forward during this type of relationship. And that you will always act as a gentleman in all situations.