The Ex Factor Guide is a program authored by Brad Browning and it comes in the form of a downloadable eBook that is easy to comprehend and offers an effective pathway to help people in getting their partners back after breakup.

From my personal perspective, I found the Ex Factor Guide to be very reliable. It helped me to win my ex back within a very short time despite the fact that we had separated for long over a very serious argument. I found the materials included in the guide to be time saving because I did not have to look for other publications from other sources to supplement it.

The Things I Learnt from Ex Factor Guide

This program taught me a lot of things that I initially had no idea of how to go about it. I felt inadequate and kind of embarrassed to approach my ex asking him for another chance to try and work our relationship out.

The Knowledge

Brad Browning has professional tips and a wide knowledge base that any person would find useful in helping to solve broken relationships. As I was interacting with his material, I could feel the depth of his research making it one of the most comprehensive guides I have ever come across. He analyzes case by case making it easy for you to identify with a particular scenario.

Real Life Examples

To make the Ex Factor Guide even more practical, Brad Browning included real life examples that you can relate to. He captures every scene in a very natural way as opposed what some of the other programs that I came across earlier did.

Logical Explanations

Right from the first page to the last of the eBook, I could easily tell that Brad Browning understands the topic and he has a passion to help people like me to get out of my messy relationship arrangement.

Lots of Research

This was a very enriching part of the Ex Factor Guide. Knowing that an author has through all lengths to compile an eBook that is well researched is very encouraging. Ground breaking ideas included in the eBook are very unique and you cannot find them anywhere else in similar materials.

The Format of Presentation

The flexibility that I enjoyed out of this program was immeasurable. I could either opt to read the book from my computer screen especially when I am in my study room, opt to listen to the audio format when am running around with household responsibilities or just to watch the video part of it. Because all senses of perception help in giving me a unique approach I combined them throughout my program.

Bonus eBooks

The Ex Factor Guide comes with two other books which address topical areas that the guide does not discuss. The guides come at no extra cost which meant that I would save a lot of money that I could have spent if I had bought them separately.


The Ex Factor Guide has no shipping costs; in fact it was delivered two minutes after I ordered it.

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