From one perspective, the subject of event marquee hire is one of enormous complexity and a thousand and one potential pitfalls. From another however, it’s an incredibly easy concept which quite literally demands nothing more than a few clicks online to set the wheels in motion and begin organizing the event of a lifetime.


Of course, common sense should tell you that the reality of things actually falls somewhere between the two. Or in other words, marquee hire can be an extremely simple process, but is at the same time one that must be approached with plenty of proactive care and diligence. According to the experts at, there are certain rules that should be followed in order to ensure that regardless of what the marquee is to be hired for, it’s smooth sailing from start to finish.

So in the interests of those planning the party or event of a lifetime, here is a quick overview of ten simple steps to sublime success with modern marquee hire:

Start Earls

First up, never overlook the importance of planning and booking what you need ahead of time in order to ensure that not only the marquee you need is available, but also that you get the best possible price. In this instance, the early bird very much catches the worm!

New or Old?

Try to remember that marquees have changed and evolved exponentially over the years and decades, with today’s best examples not even remotely resembling those of the 1970 s. As such you might want to take into account the age of the marquee you are looking to hire, along with all other important specifications.

Size Matters

Quite simply the single most important consideration of all when hiring a marquee is that of how many guests you expect to attend. Marquees that are too big make events feel under-attended and depressing, while marquees that are too small make it impossible/painful to get everyone inside.

Location is Everything

There’s more to choosing an ideal location than making sure there’s a pretty backdrop. Not only do you need to make sure that the ground and its surroundings are suitable for erecting the marquee, but you also need to ensure that your guests, vendors, entertainers and so on can actually get to and from the place with ease.

Additional Supplies

While there’s every possibility your marquee hire company will cover all bases, don’t simply assume that additional supplies like chairs, tables, electrical equipment and so on will be supplied as standard.  If it doesn’t say it is included, you have to assume it isn’t.

Shop Around

The very best way of getting the very best price on indeed the very best marquee hire service packages on the market is to shop around. There’s plenty of competition out there to say the least and while quality standards vary quite considerably from one brand to the next, comparing the market will always net you a better deal.


Try to work with a marquee hire company where a good degree of flexibility comes as standard. The reason being that if you initially book a 100-person marquee and suddenly find your event in demand by at least 200 people, it’s good to know you can modify your booking without having to pay through the nose.


Also crucial to remember is the way in which you will need to coordinate your marquee hire efforts with all other vendors and contributors involved in your event. If for example you have hired a mobile DJ, a live band, a catering service or really anything else of a similar nature, their services and involvement will have to be coordinated precisely with that of the marquee hire company.


Not that you’ll be spending a great deal of time mulling over the worst case scenario, but as you have no idea what’s around the next corner, you need to be sure to work with a marquee hire company with the relevant public liability insurance. The reason being that if anything to do with their marquee was to cause an accident or incident of any kind, you yourself do not want to be held liable!

Go for It!

Last but not least, event marquee hire is the kind of thing thousands consider up and down the United Kingdom every day, though comparatively few ever actually go through with. The simple fact of the matter is that you will not fully understand the extraordinary appeal and benefits of event marquee hire until you yourself go ahead and try it out for yourself. So instead of procrastinating and insisting you’ll finally go through with it next year, go for it this year instead!

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