Love is a passion and feeling that is hard to detect when you are the person in concern. Boys are tremendously good at hiding their feelings especially if they are in love but they are not ready to make a serious commitment. So how can you know that he is in love with you or not.

Finding that he loves your or not is probably the most difficult condition that most of the women face in their lives. Love is a passion that is necessary for Stronger Marriages and you should look out for signs that indicate that he is in love with you.

5 Signs that a Guy is in Love with You:

Below are the 5 signs that indicates whether he loves you or not:

  1. He respects you:

If he treats you with respect, he takes care of your likes and dislikes, he celebrate your success, he compromises with your bad habits and you feel that you always comes first for him than himself than yes, he is in love with you.

  1. He always thinks of you:

If you are always on his mind even when you are far apart from him then surely you are important to him. He sends you texts during the day, he send you cute pictures of love or songs that reminds him of you, he is totally in love.

  1. He compromises:

Boys do not easily compromise when it comes to their favorite things in life but if your guy is compromising about the movie picks or the restaurant picks for you then he is surely giving you a sign that you are more important for him than winning the argument.

  1. He shows affection without expectation:

Man usually needs sex when he is suddenly affectionate or showing love to you. But when your guy hugs you or give you a soft kiss on your cheeks without having any expectation of sex then he is definitely in love with you.

  1. He says sorry:

A guy who is in love with you never keeps an ego to say sorry. He do care when you are mad at him and he is ready to say sorry and give you a hug instantly to resolve the conflict. He do fight with you but he is always ready to apologize when the things go wrong.

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