Are you begging for her attention? Well, you’ve lost her, of course, and now you want her back. However, it’s not that straightforward; there are a lot of factors that play their part quite comprehensively and decide whether she’ll be in your life again, or not. Any mistake can destroy your chances brutally, and won’t allow you to get your ex girlfriend back in your arms. Therefore, today, you’ll learn which factors give you an edge in this situation, reverse the role, and make your ex girlfriend come crawling back to you, begging you for the second chance!

Is it too late to try? No, it’s not. Even if you’re seeing her after decades, and now having some serious feelings in your heart, you can get her back, if you play your cards well. Since, an ex girlfriend is that person who knows each tad detail about you; you can’t manipulate her or envelope her in the smoke; she’ll judge rather at once if you exhibit the signs of attraction, or love. Therefore, you must assess your strategies before you perform anything; you’ve to see the window of opportunity and then enter into her heart. It’s a quite complex game, but when you play it well, you get her back soon, and permanently.

This article has three chief steps. All you need is to follow them one by one or implement from by watching YouTube that will help and I assure you, your chances of getting your ex girlfriend back will increase significantly. Now, this process can take a week, however, it will influence your girlfriend to hand you attention, again; she’ll ponder you in new ways, and attempt to see you under a new light. And, when it will happen, all the pendulums will swing back in your favor, and you’ll be her man, once again… So, pull your seats up, as these below professional steps require immense attention.

Step #1 – Don’t Call Her 24/7

It would be like knocking on the hell’s door; you’d annoy her more and water down your chances. In desperation, more than 80% of the people commit this mistake and call their ex girlfriends, over and over, in a hope that they’ll somehow influence them, and get them back in their life. However, this hope never tastes the reality. If you think, by calling them, you’ll stay in their mind, you’re utterly not correct; they’ll indeed try to forget you, and keep a big distance. And, this thing is more dangerous than staying out of their thoughts.

When you call her, over and over, you send a message – “I’m miserable! Please, come back!” She sees you as a loser, not as a title holder. And, of course, you don’t want that, even if she comes back. You want her to see you as a hero; her man; a masculine man. Therefore, currently, if you’re showering her with attention, through messages, or calls, it’s better to avoid that, if you want her back, since it would push her further away.

Step #2 – A King without Crown

If she’s your crown, then you’re a King, so keep yourself as a king; your own personality matters a lot; you can’t just sit at your home as a miserable person and shed tears on your destiny; you’ve to stand, with a firm backbone, and winning attitude. For instance, it should appear that you’ve goals in your life, and you’re quite passionate about them. No woman in this world wants to go back in that relationship in which a man is having repellent attitude.

Now, what can you do to appear like a king? Pondering that? It’s effortless; you just have to inject enthusiasm in your veins, and be passionate about your life. Let her know that you’re taking good care of yourself, and you’ve adopted some positive and thrilling changes. In a way, you’ve to exhibit that you’re relishing your life better than before. This would not only put you in a dominating position, but also impel your ex to feel that she’s perhaps not right. When we see our ex happier than before, we’re always in a vulnerable position. We just want to get them back, and try to make things better. Right now, if you want to get your ex back, I assure you, your ex must be more secure, and having a better time than you.

Step #3 – Awesome Coffee Meeting

Let me repeat, it should be just a coffee meeting – not a date. After having a space, giving her time to think, and turning yourself into a king, you can contact her. If you’re pondering regarding the space time, 20 to 30 days are enough. When you take that much time, your value elevates; you don’t appear needy, or in a submissive position. Now, you don’t need to do much. Just dial her, and ask for a simple coffee meeting. Tell her that you’ve some good news to share, or you just want to have a friendly meeting, as you respect her, and the time which you’ve spent with her was one of the most valuable times of your life.

Now, when you invite for a coffee meeting, you don’t ask a woman to pick her brain, you just select the place, and tell her you want to talk to her regarding some specific knowledge, or topic. Second, do your homework; you should have quality questions, as you want to keep the discussion interesting. And, third, don’t be late, as it’s not a game of dating you’ve to appear as a gentleman and be on time. Be the perfect host, at all cost. Once you’ve a coffee meeting, and once she relishes her time with you, you’ve all the time to discuss the past matters in a good mood, or invite her to begin the relationship again.

Final Words

When the moments are on, and when you’ve exhibited your best impression too, it’d be tough for her to deny you. In fact, she’ll be the one who would attempt to get back into the relationship. Yes! She’ll of course envelope you with the emotional words, remind you about the past troubles, and even tells you about your mistakes, as she doesn’t want to go with the utter submissive position. All you need is to tackle her questions calmly, and positively. Assure her that it won’t happen again, as you want to have her now, till your last breath.