In general, the first dates are supposed to be fun, not filled with awkward moments. While the point is to get to know your date, it is not to interrogate or otherwise make him uncomfortable. If you’ve had dud dates in the past, never fear. You can make a great impression on your next first date by avoiding these destructive dating discussions.

Your past relationship or marriage.

Asking about one’s past on the first date will be a bad idea as it may remind them of bad past experiences in relationship, especially when dating someone in senior age, senior dating should be more something fresh. This may also be a fine and necessary topic once you’re more intimately acquainted, your date should feel like he or she is the focus of your evening – not the ghost of a past relationship.

Problems with kids and family.

Again, this is too much, too soon, too important. Complaining about relatives (even when warranted) can make you seem critical and stodgy on a first date. Let your partner get to know you better before unloading family drama. For seniors, the kids and family played the important roles in their life. Telling them about problems with kids and family may portray so much about your character and also your kids and family character which may destroy the date or the relationship to be before it started.

People unfamiliar to your date.

This is probably a good advice for any conversation: Do not talk about too much of unknown third parties. Obviously, sometimes there are exceptions to this rule, your conversations about funny stories, relevant anecdotes, celebrities, etc can make the date atmosphere more smoothly and relax, but in general, senior people aren’t interested in what they don’t know. When it comes to senior dating over 50, you should put your partner and yourself  in the first place on this occasion, to talk about your common interests, your thinking and your future.

Political and religious viewpoints.

This should be self-explanatory. It’s just rude to pull out the soapbox in front of someone you just met. Your date can’t disagree with you without being “disagreeable.” Politics and religion are very important discussions to have later. everyone has a different point of view, likes and dislikes about certain political and religious people which may conflict with yours, thus not a good topic to discuss on your first date.


Talking about the finances, both positively and negatively,  is very abhorrent to most of the people. Also remember never, ever, complain about how much you paid for the date. It makes the other half feel like you are reluctant to take them out. Do no brag about how much you can earn, how much you are worth, abilities you own or even the debts you have. This may ruin your date.