There are numerous attractions that you must see during your visit to London. For all those who do not have unlimited time, below is a list of top London attractions. If you still have some time after you have visited these places, you should check out London lifestyle blogs to read about more things that you can do during your stay in London.

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Staying in a reasonable hotel is one great approach to experience the amazing city of London; you can feel like you are living in your own home where you will have access to a private kitchen and in most of the cases gardens and terraces.  You can check out various London lifestyle blogs where you can take a look at some suitable accommodation options. You can choose your accommodations based on your amenities, size, location or all three. There are numerous options to choose from, to make reservations for your holiday, you need to check out the details with London travel blogs and fill out the apartment request form.

London Eye

London eye happens to be the tallest Ferris when in the Europe and is one of the most amazing and fun attractions while you are visiting London. The London eye is situated on the south bank of the river Thames and has been celebrated as one of the London’s most iconic landmark.

Big Ben/ The Houses of Parliament

Big Ben, the bell in the 3rd tallest free standing clock tower in the entire world is more than 15 years old. This is one of the greatest symbols of London, and is located at the north end of the Westminster Palace and happens to be a great site you must see while you are on a trip to London.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the oldest buildings that was used by the British government. This place is renowned for its history as both a prison and as a royal palace.  The Tower was once used as a place of execution of Queen Anne Boleyn, which still is a royal palace and is totally worth seeing while you are on a trip to London.

Whether you are traveling in a group or alone, with friends or family, there are always places that you can see in London. Following some amazing London lifestyle blogs, you can rent apartments from two nights up to a month as per the duration of your stay. There are numerous options you can choose from when it comes to making reservations for your trip.

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