Although you may find the perfect dress for your body type, if it is the wrong colour and does not complement your skin tones then it is going to be wasted on you. It is important that when you are deciding on a dress for a formal event such as Prom Night, or Homecoming, that you choose a colour scheme that will accentuate your skin tones and have you looking like the Belle of the Ball. If you are not sure what your skin tone is and what colours will suit you best, here is some help so that you can determine the perfect colour for your brand new dress.

Look At The Surface And Undertones

You can determine your skin tone by looking at the surface colour of the skin, and this is usually split up into four different categories;

  • Dark
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Ivory

The next thing that you will have to look at is the undertone of your skin, and this can differ between people that have the same skin tone. The undertone is split into three different categories;

  • Warm – Golden, Yellow, Peachy
  • Cool – Blue, Red, Pink
  • Neutral – A mixture of both warm and cool colours

Another way that you can usually find out what undertones you have is by using the sun. If you are prone to burning and going red, then you will have cool undertones, while warm undertones tend to go brown and tan. When you have determined what your skin tone and undertone is, you can then look to choosing a dress which is going to look fabulous on you and accentuate your natural colours and tones.

The Perfect Colour For Your Undertones

If You Have A Warm Undertone – If your skin has a warm undertone then you will be best in choosing an earthy type colour for your dress, and avoid icy and jewel tone colours. Good colours to choose include Yellows, Reds, and Browns.

If You Have A Cool Undertone – When your skin has cooler undertones, you will most likely look best in Blues, Purples, Or Greens, and you should avoid oranges and yellows.

The Perfect Dress For A Formal Event

Now that you know the shades and colours that will suit your skin tone best, you can then look to start shopping for that perfect dress. You can buy 2017 white homecoming dresses from Prom Dress Shop, as well as dresses in an assortment of other colours and shades. With so much choice available, there is no excuse for you not finding the perfect dress for your big event. With your new found fashion knowledge, you are going to look stunning and leave everyone in awe of your radiance and confidence.

So make sure that you work out your skin tone and undertones before buying your formal dress and for more advice on the different suitable colours for different skin tones, take a look at various fashion blogs and websites. The perfect dress for you is out there, you just need to find it!