Having a good pillow really is just as important as having a comfortable bed. A lot of us don’t really give much thought into the pillows we use and the positioning but this could be what is disrupting you from a good night’s sleep.  A bad pillow can aggravate your neck, cause back pain and they can even trigger allergic reactions as well.

So how do you make sure that you buy a good pillow? With so many pillows on the market and so many types of them available, it helps to know which type of pillow is the right one for you before you go ahead and pick one out for yourself. Feather and even down pillows can give you a very high level of comfort and even adjustability. They can help you by supporting your head and they can even eliminate any pressure points that you normally experience in the morning. When you take a look at wool pillows however, you will find that they give you the same level of support and they are very good at resisting flattening as well. All in all, wool is a great material as well because it helps to draw moisture away from the skin so you can quite easily maintain a steady core temperature.

And lastly, you have memory foam. This is made out of very dense material and it is quite similar to a sponge. It can support your back and your neck because it helps to conform to the shape of your body and it basically creates a cradle for your head. This is a great option if you find that you experience a lot of neck or back pain and it is also great for those who just want a good night’s sleep.