Very similar to Tinder, with Bumble, you make a profile and swipe left or right on someone. If you like someone, it works just like Tinder. Just swipe right. However, there are added options to the Bumble system that make it very unique. For one, only girls can initiate conversations. So if you’re looking to be a guy and start things off aggressively, you really can’t. You have to wait for the girls to do the talking. Aside from that, Bumble is essentially the same as Tinder. Bumble also allows you to find singles in your area via a zoning option, and like Tinder, you can meet males or females, or even both. However, there are other apps aside from Bumble, which is more or less a clone of Tinder that puts the onus on girls making the first move.

Plenty of Fish

Very similar to Tinder, Plenty of Fish, otherwise known as POF, is a dating site that a lot of people are using more than ever these days. POF is popular because it’s an app that allows you to also interact with people away from a Tinder-like setting. POF has a special option called “Meet Me” which lets users swipe left or right, just like Tinder. However, POF is more a of a traditional dating site, so while it does have the Tinder-like option of Meet Me, it is far more useful as a traditional app versus using it like a Tinder for quick swiping. However, it is still a good option.


Like POF, OkCupid is more or less a traditional dating site that recently revamped its platform to be like Tinder. It is more in-depth and based on chemistry match-ups, but it’s still a great way to swipe left or right and meet new people.

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