You should be wary of alkaline water brands because alkaline water isn’t anything special.  Alkaline water is common and bottled alkaline water is incredibly expensive.  You should instead invest in a quality water ionize to restore antioxidants to your tap water and filter it to 99.99% purity, a higher purity standard than what’s required for bottled waters.

Alkaline Water Brands Are Expensive

Twenty-four 500ml bottles of AquaHydrate sell for about $25.  A similar case of Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water sells for about $27.   An alkaline water filter by AOK Health sells for $200 and you have to continuously replace the filter and minerals inside.

Companies clearly charge an arm and a leg for alkaline water but the truth is bottled alkaline water isn’t much different than what’s already coming out of your tap.  Especially here in the US, tap water is very alkaline.  There is an abundance of calcium and magnesium that gets in our water supplies and these are alkaline minerals.

A state like Florida or Arizona has so much calcium and magnesium that the pH of the tap water is about 9!  So, buying an alkaline water filter or bottles of alkaline water would be a total waste of money.

Dubious Claims by Alkaline Water Brands

The reason why alkaline water brands charge so much for alkaline water is they market it as being special.  Some website claims that alkaline water is healthier than pure or neutral water.  They say it energizes you, detoxifies your body, fights diseases like cancer, and more.

None of these claims are true unless the alkaline water being produced has ions in it.   The ions combine with the hydrogen in water to form a hydroxyl ion, which is water’s natural antioxidant.  But only the sun and other energy sources can put ions in water.

When it comes to bottled alkaline water, any ions present in the water when it was bottled will have fizzled out by the time you drink it.  Hydroxyl ions have a short lifespan, about two days.  So, once alkaline water is removed from its energy source, all the ions dissipate.

That means the bottled alkaline water isn’t any healthier for you than your alkaline tap water.

Alkaline water filters are also a waste of money.  All they offer is stages of alkaline minerals that dissolve into your tap water.  You can’t put the sun in an alkaline water filter and there isn’t any water electrolysis chamber, so an alkaline water filter is a waste of money.

Alkaline Ionized Water Has Real Health Benefits

The only drinking water that has real health benefits is alkaline ionized water.  To be ionized, it has to be exposed to the sun, to kinectic energy, or to water electrolysis inside of a water ionizer.  Then it will be full of hydroxyl ions, water’s powerful antioxidant, that will detoxify your body, flush out toxins, and reduce oxidative stress levels in your cells.  High oxidative stress in our cells is the root cause or strongly correlated with every illness and disease known to mankind.  So, when you lower oxidative stress, also known as free radical damage, you fight any current disease or illness you have and you help prevent future illness and disease.

A water ionizer, like the EOS DNA Water Ionizer at, also has a sixteen stage dual water filtration system that includes carbon, ion exchange resin, ceramic, felt, and more to purify your tap water to 99.99% purity.  This means all the nasty contaminants are removed from the tap water and what’s left is pure, pristine water ready to be ionized.

The biggest advantage of a water ionizer over any alkaline water brand is the price.  A liter of alkaline ionized water only costs about 3 cents over the lifespan of a water ionizer, so it is much more cost-effective than buying bottled water and the water you get is much healthier for you.