What does keratin and collagen have to do with ski care? What is collagen? Collagen is the prime protein found in the connective tissues. It makes up 25 to 35 percent of the protein content of our entire body. It is also exclusive when compared to other kinds of protein and its triple helix structure has been the focus of scientific study and even the modern art.

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Scientists have been able to make the models of the collagen’s molecular structure for quite long, but only lately were they able to create it synthetically in the lab. This was being done with wide-reaching applications from a medical stance. Eventually, it perhaps be used for bandages, sutures and other purposes.

Collagen Fibers

Our ligaments, cartilage and tendons are mainly composed of collagen. It is the collagen fibers that prevent out skin from sagging and since the generation of new fibers decreases with age, it has become a prime ingredient in the anti-aging cosmetics of all types. But, like the most of the anti-aging remedies, they do not really work.

The molecular structure of collagen is too big to penetrate into the skin’s cells. Even if they have been able to penetrate, the processes that the manufacturers apply to make it all soluble also make it inactive. The skin cells cannot use it for anything. For any aspect, it is easy to consider that you cannot complement the skin’s collagen element by applying protein based creams to the outer surface. The collagen fibers are location 4 to 5 layers deep down the dermis, which lies below the epidermis.

Keratin – What Is It?

The skin that is visible on our body and face is called the epidermis. The prime component of the epidermis is keratin. 95 percent of the cells of the epidermis comprise of keratin cells. The other 5 percent include the Merkel cells, Langerhans cells and those that are comprised of melanin, which are responsible for our skin’s color.

You may find some anti-aging creams that do work, but they do not comprise of collagen. They basically contain a bio-active form of keratin.

The bio-active keratin is not just the only ingredient that you would have to look for. Antioxidants are required to fight as well as repair the radical damage, which is the prime cause of an old appearance. Older skin cells have few antioxidants and many radical molecules. Without proper supplementation, this imbalance will continue until all the collagen fibers and cells are partially damaged.