Stanozolol is a synthetic anabolic steroid which is commonly available in the market. It is available in both the form; tablet as well as injection. This steroid can be used for various reasons which is why it is quiet famous amongst people. It is not only used for humans but a lot of veterinarians a lot prescribe it to weak animals to increase their energy level.

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This steroid is available in various dosages. Initially it was available in 50mg/ml injection but recently 75mg/ml and 100mg/ml dosages have also been introduced making it convenient for those in need of higher dosage. The minimum dosage is 10mg/ml. The traces of this steroid is likely to be present in the consumer’s body for 10 days after the consumption. Even the dosage of as minimum as 5mg can also be traced within the given time period. The simple urine test can show whether or not the person has consumed this steroid. Therefore, those who are planning to misuse this steroid should remember that it can easily be traced and he can be found guilty in consuming it for the wrong purpose and be punished accordingly. These steroids are useful only if used for the correct purpose, otherwise it can get you into some serious trouble. Some of the common uses of stanozolol are:

In humans:

This steroid is used in humans to cure diseases like anemia. It is also more likely to cure a very rare blood disorder known as hereditary angioedema. Anemia is a very common problem nowadays therefore there are a lot of doctors who prescribe stanozolol to their patient to help them in this regard.

In animals:

Other than humans this drug is also very effective on animals. A lot of veterinarians prescribe this medicines in order to help the animals in improving their muscle growth and red blood cell production. This drug also helps in increasing the bone density and increase the appetite of the animals. Since this drug also increases the low appetite problem therefore it is also prescribed to weak and unhealthy animals.

In sports:

This steroid is also used to enhance performance i.e. it increases the energy level in one’s body therefore a lot of sportsmen started making use of this steroid in order to be able to perform for longer hours in the field. Therefore after sometime this steroid was banned by International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF). Strict action is taken against the players if he/she is found guilty in consumption of this steroid before the game.

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In body builders:

Stanozolol is found to be quiet famous amongst body builders. Even though it has not yet been confirmed by the medical researches but still a lot of body builders believe that it helps in reducing fat in the body. This steroid is used to cut down fat in the body while retaining the lean mass giving the body the desired cuts. If the medical researches confirm this use of stanozolol then its popularity amongst the body builders is likely to increase to a very high number.