Our digestive system plays a great role, if it is maintained in good health many other diseases can be prevented. It is mainly responsible for digestion of food particles and further transfer the useful products to body through different tissues and organs. If there is any malfunction in the transfer of nutrient and useful substances from digestive tracts to the blood stream, it is mostly due to leaky guts. Early leaky gut diagnosis is very important as it should be treated as early as possible.

What is leaky gut?

The leaky gut syndrome is a disordered condition of intestine, where the digestive tracts develop leaks and allows unwanted substances to enter the circulatory system. It can be called as the increased intestinal permeability. The processed food that the intestine receives is never as good to transfer it to blood directly. Hence, there is special cells are there to check the condition and this is called a tight junction, a failure in the functioning of this causes leaky gut.

The food containing the several microbes and toxic substances can enter the circulatory system and result in several diseases. The leaky guts can be after effect of many issues. The most prevalent is the disturbed life style and wrong eating habits. The poor diet and chronic stress are some contributing elements. Sometimes use of excessive antibiotics, some medical therapy and other drugs of modern science can have a contribution in the leaky gut. As the development of leaky gut goes on, the body shows a variety of symptom and you may think when to treat. Some of the confirmatory symptoms are bloating, inflammation in bowels, food sensitivities, headaches, digestive problems. It is crucial to get it diagnosed, today there are several tests are available to confirm the situation.

How to heal?

The condition of leaky is vulnerable, but it can be healed with few good practices. The time taken to heal the leaky gut is dependent on the severity of the case and how willingly the rectification is being done. It can be taken into control within two weeks if the causing diets are completely changed and a healing diet is encouraged. So first aspect is removing the foods and causes that instigates leaky guts, that means you should avoid dairy food, excess sugar and chocolates, no unhygienic oils and less intake of proteins and carbohydrates. You should increase the amount of veggies, sprouted and fermented vegetables. Try to replace it with supplements and probiotics.

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