If you are a cyclist, then you always sit in your bike trying to peruse the world as you see fit or maybe you are even training for a competition. However, in many ways sitting on a bike is similar to sitting in front of your desk, so you do need to find the best possible workouts that will help you in this regard. Thankfully, we have created a list with some of the most interesting stretches that you can use in order to stay healthy and remove any possibilities from being injured, as that can be quite troublesome to say the least.

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Calves are great if you want to stay in shape, but at the same time they also tend to provide quite a lot of value because they are easy to perform in the first place. Of course, there are plenty of situations in which you will need to perform Calvesif you want to stay in shape, but thankfully doing them is very easy.

You need to stand on the feet and have them pointed onward, thenmake a step forward with the right leg and start bending the knee. You will have to make sure that the left foot remains planted in its place. This can be tricky to perform because most of the time you will tend to move the knee, but avoid doing so as that is not ok at all. Remember though that the more you practice, the better.

You will need to maintain the upper body region erect and remember to drop the tips until you actually feel the stretch in your calf region. You will need to hold for around 30 seconds tops then you can rotate.


This one will require you to be standing as well, but now you have to reach the back with the hand and then grab the right foot from the upper side of the ankle, and once you do that you will have to pull it up towards your butt region. Since your quads are some of the most important muscles in your body, you will need to address them with a lot of care and attention, but once that is done the results can be more than impressive for sure.

This is a great exercise to do at home before you go on with your bike, and the outcome is really impressive, but remember that you have to focus on the quality of your workouts as well. Only with the quality workouts will you be able to access the best results, so keep that in mind and you will surely achieve great success.

IT Band

This particular stretch is amazing because it offers you the ability to run it down the leg and then maintain a lot of control as well as balance on the knee. It can be very useful and interesting, but at the same time it does offer amazing opportunities and results.

You ned to stretch from a sitting position this time around, then cross the leg across the knee and then you have to push it down in a gentle manner. Hold this for just about 20 seconds or a little more if you can, then you need to rotate. This is surely a great experience for cyclists and one that can bring in front some great results, so don’t hesitate and try it out.

All these exercises are amazing if you perform them often and before you go with the bike or even after you do that, for unwinding purposes. Either way, this allows you to intensify the experience and take it to the next level, which is surely an amazing thing to do!

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