Recently I decided to jump on the bandwagon and let my toddler have a go at playing a few games on my iPad. After browsing the iOS store, I decided that I’d feel better about handing over the iPad, if it was an educational toddler game that he was playing. As you can imagine, there was a large number of different apps to choose from but after reading a number of reviews, I decided to download the Toddle Puzzle Woozzle app. It was completely free to download and looked simple enough for my three year old to play.

There are twenty four different wooden puzzles to choose from.

Toddler Puzzle Woozzle is an interactive puzzle game aimed at children aged 0-4. It comes with twenty four different puzzles of every day objects, toys and animals such as a toy train, rocking horse, hot dog and giraffe. The pictures are all really colourful and grasped my toddler’s attention immediately.

After letting him choose his favourite puzzle to start with (he went for the bumble bee) the app removed all the pieces and put them at the bottom of the screen. He then simply had to select the items one at a time and drag them into the correct place. If he got one wrong, the piece bounced back to the bottom of the screen, so he could try again.

He seemed to really enjoy completing the puzzles and spent a good while going through a number of them. He’s also asked to play the app again since, which is always a good sign!

What I like most about this toddler app is that it’s educational as well as entertaining. It’s designed to help children improve their problem solving abilities, as well as develop their logic and cognitive skills, concentration, memory and linguistics. I feel really comfortable letting him play on this app, as I know that it’s doing him good, whilst also keeping him entertained.

I know quite a few pre-schools are introducing pre-school teacher apps into their syllabuses and I personally think that this toddler teacher app would make a fantastic addition, as it has the ability to keep children entertained whist they learn!

You can turn off the sounds in the settings and change the language.

Something I forgot to mention earlier was that the app also comes with soothing music and an animated voice that speaks encouraging words to your little one while they complete the puzzles. I think this is partly what keeps my toddler entertained but if you can’t bear it after an hour or so, you can simply click on the settings and turn both the music and voice off. You can also change the language in the settings, which I think is useful for multi-lingual families who might be trying to teach their children two languages.

After having such a good experience with this app, I’ll definitely be looking into other educational apps in the future for my little one. For now though, Toddler Puzzle Woozzle definitely has enough puzzles to keep him going. I can imagine them adding more free puzzles in the future, so I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

You can download the Toddler Puzzle Woozzle app from the iOS store for free. There are also puzzles you can buy for a small additional charge. If you are looking for an educational, yet entertaining app for your kids, I definitely recommend giving this one a go, it’s the best toddler app I’ve found to date.

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