Why should gents stay behind? It is only fair when everyone express the freedom of choice. To smell good is what we all want. When you are out there at the gathering of people, you don’t want to smell bad. So, choosing a perfume that best suited with your character and personality is always a plus point. Most of the young boys follow the Hollywood stars. They copy their styles, their looks and even their expressions. When you are copying them this much, then why not wear the perfumes that they like or wear. Let’s share some of the best male celebrity perfume choices with you.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – GuerlainVetiver

It has a fresh woody scent and Arnold Schwarzenegger loves it. When you look this good, you always want something classy to match your wonderful personality. So, Arnold fans should go out and buy it. The top note of lemon, middle note of tobacco and the base notes of nutmeg and pepper makes it classy for you.

Ashton Kutcher – Arpege Pour Homme

Well, it is as charming as Ashton Kutcher. A romantic and sweet fragrance. If you have a looks or at least a style like Ashton Kutcher then you must have a lady beside you. Wear it and she will love it. These celebrity perfumes can make you a hero in your own circle.It has a sweet fragrance of orange, vanilla and jasmine.

Brad Pitt – Musk Lorenzo Villoresi

You must have been waiting for this entry. Well, it was worth waiting though. Who does not want to look like brad Pitt? The style, expressions and looks. He is a complete package along with this classy, woody essence. It has the fragrance of sandalwood, oak moss and musk. If you are looking to impress a lady with your classic looks, wear this on your date night. But, these perfumes will match different personalities. If you are searching out for perfumes then you should also try perfume testers to identify your own scent.

Hugh Jackman – Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Hugh Jackman has a great number of fans and followers. I have seen the men with my eyes styling like him and dress up all like him. Well, it is a good news for all those guys. A citrusy top notes with woody base notes. It is classy like him. Hugh jackman, as classy as ever. He has a wonderful taste in the perfumes.

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